10 years’ experience in
reusing wastewater effluent


Ultrapure water plant

Nieuw-Amsterdam is home to an ultrapure water plant. Using wastewater as a raw material, this plant produces approximately 8,000 m3 of the purest water available every day. With just one process. Low maintenance. Practically zero chemicals. Flawless operation since 2011. Unique. Developed, built and operated by NWTR, Dutch experts in water treatment and process water management.

  • Ultrapure water (<0,2 µs/cm), 8200 m3 per day
  • From (treated) sewage or surface water
  • Low-maintenance, sustainable process
  • Very few chemicals needed

NWTR’s pure water is used to produce the steam required for oil extraction in a nearby oil field. Thanks to the extremely high level of purity, the steam boiler and turbines stay clean and require virtually no maintenance. This leads to high reliability and significant cost savings. Pure water is also used in other industrial processes and – now that natural gas is on its way out – in the production of hydrogen gas (H2) from water.