Applied innovations within the UPW.

  • BODAC: Biological Oxygen-Dosed Active Carbon filter prevents biofoulingBODAC: Biological Oxygen-Dosed Active Carbon filter prevents biofouling
    NWTR prevents bacterial growth on the osmosis membranes with a biologically active carbon filter. Environmentally harmful biocides are not necessary.
  • BODAC filter removes pharmaceuticalsBODAC filter removes pharmaceuticals
    Nationally and internationally, techniques are being sought to remove medicine residues from the sewage water (so-called fourth-stage sewage treatment plant) in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner. The BODAC filter seems to be very suitable for this.
  • Online pressure sensors detect membrane contaminationOnline pressure sensors detect membrane contamination
    NWTR has developed a system to measure the pressure drop across the first membrane and the last membrane of RO systems online
  • Sustainability and operational reliabilitySustainability and operational reliability
    The unique combination of innovative techniques does not just enable us to produce ultrapure water in a sustainable fashion, but also results in a very high degree of operational reliability. The plant has been running virtually problem free since it was put into service in 2010. The original membranes, though fragile, are still in use ...