Consulting & Research


Together with its shareholder and WLN BV, NieuWater has ample experience in developing and managing highly complex systems. Companies use our knowledge to optimise their own systems or to develop new ones.

NWTR provides consulting services to companies and public agencies on water treatment processes and water management issues in which water purity and sustainability have to meet high demands. Together with Dutch engineering firms, NWTR also serves as a partner in the design and construction of advanced water management and/or treatment systems.


NWTR is in close contact with Dutch knowledge and research institutes. Together, we provide practice-oriented advice, aimed at optimising water treatment processes. NWTR serves as the link between clients and research institutes. NWTR excels at translating practical issues into relevant research and connecting various disciplines, such as technology, engineering and operations. NWTR conducts high-quality research with real, practical added value.

NieuWater has partnered up with its shareholders, WLN, STOWA and Wetsus to study BODAC. The main aim of this research is to optimise the design and operational aspects of this system to prevent biofouling and to remove pharmaceuticals and other undesirable substances.