NWTR partners enterprises and local councils in the Drenthe and Oost-Overijssel regions in their quest for innovative and sustainable solutions regarding the supply and treatment of water and all things related.

UPW Ultra Puur Waterfabriek waterfabriek emmen1 Gietwater Norit

Water plant Emmen Zoo (WMD)

Emmen Zoo's water plant biologically and physically treats all the park's wastewater in a cyclical process.

Gietwater for greenhouse farming (WMD daughter)

Greenhouses in the south-eastern part of Drenthe benefit from water drawn from a former sand extraction site and treated to meet the specific demands of this sector.

Waterinstallatie Norit (WMD)

NWTR provides fulltime management for WMD’s water treatment installation at Norit in Klazienaveen. Norit is the world market leader in the production of activated carbon.


The plant is unique in the world due its chosen source, its production size and the innovative combination of purification techniques.

Realizing innovative solutions

NWTR develops, tests and realises innovative solutions for the supply and treatment of water, both for and in cooperation with enterprises in Drenthe and Oost-Overijssel.

Scarcity of groundwater and surface water, shortage of energy and environmental problems are all issues NWTR would like to offer sustainable solutions to. In addition, NWTR is able to supply ‘made-to-measure’ water for the industry. One internationally recognised division is NWTR's Puurwaterfabriek in Emmen, where by a unique combination of treatment processes wastewater is recycled as ultra-pure water. This 'special' water is used by NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, or Dutch petroleum company) as steam, as part of its method of extracting oil.