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BODAC in the spotlight for drug-removing capabilities

BODAC filters have received a lot of attention for their ability to remove pharmaceuticals from water, as has been highlighted in various newspapers and (professional) publications.

Dutch local newspaper ‘Dagblad van het Noorden’ published two articles on its front page on 18 February and 20 February. Unfortunately, these articles are hidden behind a paywall https://www.dvhn.nl/economie/Nieuwater-ontdekt-per-ongeluk-techniek-tegen-medicijnresten-in-oppervlaktewater-25361247.html and https://www.dvhn.nl/economie/Medicijnresten-in-oppervlaktewater-Hoe-gevaarlijk-is-het-en-wat-doet-het-Emmer-bedrijf-NieuWater-ertegen-25368491.html

Water Alliance also picked up on the news: Water Alliance member NieuWater in Emmen has stumbled upon a means to remove pharmaceuticals from surface water. However, they still don’t know exactly how they managed to do so: https://wateralliance.nl/toeval-medicijnresten-uit-water-gezuiverd/

Waterforum also covered this subject on its website: https://www.waterforum.net/koolstoffilters-puurwaterfabriek-emmen-verwijderen-na-tien-jaar-nog-medicijnresten

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