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Pure water for the hydrogen economy

You need very pure water to produce hydrogen. NieuWater produces high-quality water that is perfectly suited for this purpose. As a result, politicians and companies are very interested in NieuWater. Here, in our plant, you can see on a practical scale how to turn wastewater into a high-quality product.

In recent years, hydrogen (H2) has been a rising star in discussions about and plans for the energy system of the future. In Groningen in particular, there are major plans to convert electricity generated by wind farms and solar farms into hydrogen for long-term storage. (https://www.energiekaart.net/wordt-waterstof-het-nieuwe-gas/). As early as January 2019, NWTR welcomed a delegation of administrators and employees of the province of Groningen. Hydrogen is one of the most promising alternatives in the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. There are plans for large hydrogen plants in the province of Groningen, which has prompted many interested parties to visit our plant.