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Treatment steps in a nutshell

NWTR’s pure water plant uses the effluent of the Emmen WWTP as a raw material. The water is treated in four steps.

Treatment steps in a nutshell
  1. The pre-treatment phase consists of ultrafiltration (UF), which involves a series of membranes that retain all particles in the water, thus making the water completely clear and removing all non-dissolved substances.
  2. BODAC filters. These biological filters remove all the nutrients from the water, preventing the accumulation of biofouling in the next step, reverse osmosis (RO).
  3. The first RO step extracts about 98% of all salts from the water, as well as all sorts of natural and non-natural organic matter.
  4. A second RO step then removes 98% of the remaining salts from the water. Finally, an electro-deionisation system extracts the last remnants of salt.

After which the water is almost 100% H2O.